FAQ When searching for a Bartender Service (Frequently asked Questions)

Why should I hire a professional bartender & beverage company?
5 basic reasons…

  1. We are an INSURED COMPANY..
  2. You want to enjoy your party yourself.  No one wants to have to serve drinks at their own party.  Hire Epitome Bartending to do it.
  3. Hire someone with experience and the professionalism that can serve excellent drinks, and of course a  people person to keep your guests happy!  Check out our reviews, you will receive compliments all night long when you hire a professional bartender.  It just adds to the party!
  4. We are professionals at making sure guests have a good time safely, we’ll take the stress and focus while you enjoy the party.
  5. Always make sure all of your vendors have the proper insurance coverage for the venue you’re working with, especially when it comes to serving drinks.

My Caterer I hired said they have a bartender-I think I’ll use them I use them instead?

Ok, go ahead..  BUT WAIT…
Just as one would hire a professional Chef to cook their food, and a DJ specifically for the music…. you should always hire a Professional Bartender to mix & serve drinks.  A Professional Bartender has the training, expertise and knows tricks of the trade to properly serve guests.  Why let a caterer have a  “fill’in” who doesn’t know the in’s and out’s of drinks as well as guests having  a great time at the bar?  Really, anyone can pour drinks, but i’m sure you want them served as good as your food.

Leaving the Cooking to the caterer.  Bartending is always side business for caterers and they hardly ever place any attention or their bartending services.  Hire a Professional Bartender for your and have your guests enjoy themselves by not playing the ‘guessing game’ of what to drink at the bar.  Most important, we’re insured to serve your liquor, known as ‘Host Liquor Liability Insured”.

What areas do you cover?
Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, Springfield and Columbus Ohio. If there’s any where you need us to travel- Feel free to contact us.

How much do you charge?
Although we have some of our pricing listed on our page as a guideline.  To work closely within your event’s theme, we look forward to speaking with you on the details of your event, to provide you a better idea of your cost.

Are there Service Charges or automatic Gratuity (Tips) included in cost?
Epitome Bartending never decides ahead of time what the tip should be.  This is decided upon by our professional service.  Bartenders, Servers, Hosts alike relies heavily on tips.  Most of the time, ‘tip jars’ aren’t quite classy for our bartenders to accept tip. In cases where a tip jars are not appropriate or allowed, the amount of gratuity is at the host’s discretion with $50-$100 per service staff as a guideline for great service.

OK, well I’m ready to book you for our event
Feel free to submit your info in our contact form. We need at least 6 months to 1 week to book your event. Please give us all of the details As soon as possible so we can hold the date for you.

If you have anyother questions, Contact us

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