Hire a Bartender
What is a bartender service and why should you hire a bartender?

Here are some points to why you should hire Epitome Bartending for your party…

  • We’re an insured company.  Forget the worries and hassles.  Epitome Bartending is insured for $1 Million in Commercial General Liability, as well as Liquor Liability Insurance.  Plus, we are are professionally trained in Alcohol Awareness on how to prevent accidents, and to handle situations in case one of your guests gets a little, uh um… inebriated. We will handle it professionally so everyone can continue to enjoy the night.
  • So you don’t waste money on alcohol and mixers…
    You will be surprised how much alcohol is wasted by poor planning, most especially by buying too much, and pouring too much during the party.  Epitome Bartending’s expertise can bring the mixers and help you plan how much Alcohol, beer and wine to buy before the event, so you won’t be stuck at the end with the leftovers, as well as wasting drinks by over pouring.
  • You get actual Bartenders with actual high end indusrty experience. Need I say More?
  • We have all the supplies, and correct utensils to make the perfect drink. Who wants to get stuck trying to open a bottle of wine, or shake a Martini with 2 cups that don’t fit, or even blend a Daiquiri with no blender? We take care of all of that…We’re here for you!
  • Added luxuries at minimal cost to add to the ambiance and  impress your guests with the style of having Bartenders for your event.
  • We come to you, instead of trying to find the perfect location to party at your favorite location Columbus, Dayton or Cincinnati…


Finally a night with no lines to wait in, no smelly restrooms, and lousy drinks…

Your Event, perfectly staffed with great bartenders, amazing drinks

Thanks for reading… See you soon!

-Epitome Bartending

Cincinnati & Columbus