Money saving tips for a Wedding reception and Dinner

Some good money saving tips for a Wedding reception and dinner

  • Choose a local venue that will allow you to bring in your own alcohol!  There are many venues throughout Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus that allow Wedding couples that are hosting their weddings bring their own beverages in.  Compare the costs that you may incur by booking your weddings at a hotel or even a catering hall that may charge you thousands for drinks on your special night.  Epitome Bartending offers free consultations included with our Wedding packages.
  • Choose a bartender that has actual experience with cocktails, beer and wine. On many occasions, there are Caterers or other vendors who “has someone who can work the bar”.  This isn’t someone that you would like making drinks. Of course, you wouldn’t have the Priest be your chef, or the flower girl be the DJ. I’m sure you get the idea.  Epitome Bartending has the skill, flavor profile, and knowledge of pairing food along with drinks and be able to please your guests.
  • Other ways to make your evening special may be to offer a signature cocktail or two for the evening instead of a full bar. This is an excellent way to incorporate your colors, and theme to all aspects of your day, as well as compliment your selected cuisine.
  • Offer Wine, Beer, and soft drinks for the evening instead of cocktails. This is an excellent, classy way to cut costs and still offer drinks for adults.

For more ways to save on your Wedding’s bar costs.

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